One of the most interesting and useful skill when it comes to leaders – is their ability to sell their ideas and bring on-board all the people and in that one skill that most count – is their ability to make complex things – simple (beware of Satisficing) so that people can connect with them..they can understand clearly, precisely and most importantly everyone understands uniformly.
Listen to Indira Nooyi in this Linkedin interview (100 secs length). She explains about her hip pocket skill

We can break this skill in two parts – a) Understanding yourself b) communicating it to people. If understanding is thorough – the communication bit is easy.

The whole excellence philosophy – Lean, Six Sigma, Excellence models does it..
– Focuses on framing problems correctly through use of simple tools like 5W, 1H – Breaking down problem into manageable chunks using CTQ Trees, identifying leading measures or identifying possible causes to the effect (Cause & Effect)
– Applying the 80/20 rule to identify the “Vital Fews”
– Focusing on controlling factors that impact most using Regression, Correlation, DOE etc.